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Student FAQ's

What is a Co-Curricular Record?
The Co-Curricular record (CCR) at Selkirk College enables students to document learning and experience gained outside of the classroom environment. The CCR is an official document (like a transcript). Essentially, it is a log of verified and approved leadership, volunteer and non-academic activities that a student has been involved in while they attended Selkirk College.

What are the benefits of the CCR Program?

CCR programming provides opportunities for students to actively engage in meaningful activities. The program encourages students to have an all-rounded education by getting involved in co-curricular activities that help them foster and hone skills that can be transferred into employability skills. 
Students involved in CCR activities often practice their networking skills and develop new working relationships both within the on-campus and off-campus community, which can be very beneficial when conducting a job search.  Involvement in a CCR activity can also provide students and graduates with a competitive edge during the job interview process as they are able to reference and discuss in depth their extra-curricular involvement alongside their post-secondary education.
CCR experience can be pivotal in helping students gain relevant experience and core employability skills that can be leveraged in an active job search.  For the post-secondary student who does not yet have professional work experiences to list on their resume, participation in a CCR activity can provide the opportunity to develop these much needed employability skills and experiences.
The CCR is an official, verified and approved, Selkirk College document. It can be used to enhance employment applications, applications to undergrad/graduate programs, and applications for bursaries and scholarships.
Is the CCR Mandatory?

No, the Co-Curricular Record is not mandatory, but it is an excellent opportunity to document your engagement beyond the classroom environment.

What is the Co-Curricular Competency Framework?


 Co-Curricular Record recognizes:
  • Selkirk College Ambassadors
  • Work Study Positions
  • Student Governance
  • Volunteerism
How do I get started?

Login to your careercentral student account  http://