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Overview of CCR

 The Co-Curricular record (CCR) at Selkirk College provides an opportunity to recognize student engagement, beyond the classroom environment, as a part of the signature Selkirk College experience. A competency, transferable skills and outcomes approach will be utilized to recognize and document co-curricular credit. The CCR is an official Selkirk College document that can be used to enhance employment applications, applications to undergrad/graduate programs, and applications for bursaries and scholarships.
The Co-Curricular Record recognizes:
  • Selkirk College Ambassadors
  • Work Study Positions
  • Student Governance
  • Volunteerism
  • Clubs

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“At its core, the CCR is intended to enhance students’ learning and development, encourage the discovery and reflection of self-awareness, and foster an environment that encourages civic responsibility and engagement” (Elias, K. & Drea, C., 2013.)