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Faculty FAQ's

What is a Co-Curricular Record?
The Co-Curricular record (CCR) at Selkirk College enables students to document learning and experience gained outside of the classroom environment. The CCR is an official document (like a transcript). Essentially, it is a log of verified and approved leadership, volunteer and non-academic activities that a student has been involved in while they attended Selkirk College.

What are the benefits of a CCR?
The CCR encourages self-reflection, self-awareness and highlights personal growth and development while participating in activities that contribute to campus life.  It can be used to enhance employment applications, applications to undergrad/graduate programs, and applications for bursaries and scholarships.

Is the CCR mandatory for students?
No, the Co-Curricular Record is not mandatory, but it is an excellent opportunity to document student engagement beyond the classroom environment. As faculty/staff, co-curricular activities

What types of activities can be included on the CCR?
A co-curricular activity must:
  • be an approved Selkirk College activity
  • be overseen by a Selkirk College faculty/staff validator
  • be linked to CCR Competency Framework
  • not be included as a component of a “for credit” course or program
  • be completed and logged in the current academic year
The CCR project currently recognizes:
  • Selkirk College Ambassadors
  • Work Study Positions
  • Student Governance
  • Volunteerism
What is my role as a faculty/staff member at Selkirk College?
As a faculty/staff member, you can identify and apply to host co-curricular activities.  You will be responsible for the job description, screening and supervision of successful candidates, and final validation of the activity.

What is involved in the validation process?
Our institution’s process for validating a student’s request to add an activity to their CCR record is as follows:
  • Faculty/staff identify possible CCR opportunities for students
  • A job/activity description (including CCR competencies) is submitted to CEES
  • Students apply for the activity
  • Students participate in the activity
  • Students self-evaluate their learning outcomes
  • Staff/faculty validate the student learning outcomes
  • Students can print a copy of their CCR to have on file
What does a co-curricular record include?
  • The CCR record includes the following details:
  • Activity
  • Purpose and Description
  • Start and End dates
  • Hours of Involvement 
  • Learning Outcomes